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Recurve Range

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Aurica’s new Recurve Drive System saves energy and takes you further.

The trouble with internal combustion engines, besides pollution and greenhouse gases, is the number of moving parts. There are hundreds of them in and around the engine and through the entire drive train, all using up energy and oil and finally wearing out. The rest is wasted through heat and engine inefficiencies.

Electric Cars run on entirely different principles that involve only a few moving parts, producing far less heat at far greater efficiencies. This allows engineers at Aurica Motors to think far outside the proverbial box for new energy-saving solutions.

Four motors are better than one
The average single-motor car uses a long drive train to transfer power to the wheels. The typical drive train has over 60 bearings, all spinning and creating friction as they move power from the engine, to the transmission, to the differential, and finally to the wheels. Aurica’s innovation? Give each wheel its own electric motor, which is controlled by advanced proprietary drive electronics. The power doesn’t have to be transferred mechanically, it’s there right at the wheels.

Besides making the E-Car go further on a single battery charge, Aurica’s four-motor electric drives have other advantages like:

  • Full torque at zero speed. This means you get from zero to sixty in about three blinks (4 or 5 seconds).
  • Regenerative braking. Electric motors use reverse EMF (Electric Motive Force) to recover up to half of the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle when you slow down for a corner or a stop light. The Aurica E-Car actually collects this energy while coasting downhill as well. This extends mileage per charge by reclaiming energy. If you’re driving the hills of San Francisco for instance, you may go even further.
  • True radial steering, along with anti-slip control of every wheel gives you fast, tight cornering with no loss of traction and no extra tire wear.
  • Fewer moving parts produce less friction, create less wear, and require less lubrication. All this means much longer life and fewer repairs on the whole chassis including the entire drive and braking system.
  • Without heat generating combustion, electric motors run cool, so they practically never wear out. No oil changes are required, which means no messy oil disposal and no pollution.

Aurica Recurve Drive

Aurica's Recurve Drive System holds the secret to increasing range.





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