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Page history last edited by Richard Karpinski 12 years, 6 months ago

This is not medical advice.


On this site, people are invited to share their understandings and their own experience with regard to any health issues which matter to them. The theory I subscribe to is that if a thousand people share their knowledge and experience, we will accumulate more useful understandings than our doctors can.  Still, we are not doctors so we are not allowed to tell other people what they should do, only to tell what we believe and what our experience has been.


Health issues, each discussed on its own page



Aspects to discuss for each health issue


  • Symptoms
  • Worries
  • Tests
  • Test results
  • Test interpretations
  • Advice received (from whom)
  • Treatments offered
  • Treatments received
  • Compliance experience
  • Outcomes (results of treatments)
  • Current health status
  • Future plans


What got left out? Please add it or add a footnote about it.


So, how do you play footnotes? On a shoe horn, silly.





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