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Stop Diabetic Amputations

Page history last edited by Richard Karpinski 15 years, 2 months ago

Stop diabetic amputations

Magic water. My wife used it to fix deep pockets in her gums, by loading up a Water Pic with the stuff. It fixed 10 out of 11 of those pockets, saving us $450 bucks for special antibiotics not covered by Delta Dental.


Oculus calls it Microcyn and it's a disinfectant. A powerful one. They said it seems to reliably get burn victims out of the hospital in half the time. That saves a few dollars as well.


That's not the problem for diabetic people. In this case the problem is simply that sores, especially hand and foot sores, just don't heal as well as for other people. This highly oxidized water promotes healing quickly. It's not really magic. The technical people understand how to make it and why it works. Until Microcyn, oxidized water lost its disinfectant properties quite quickly. Now, Microcyn keeps its important properties for months on the shelf and several weeks even after it has been opened.


The best parts? It's cheap, $20 per eight ounces, plus shipping. It's available without a prescription. You can get it for yourself. And it's pretty darn safe, though it's still not a real good idea to drink very much of it.


If there is a downside, please let me know about it right away. If you try it and it works (or doesn't) please let me know about that too. I'll copy this message to my wiki at Nitpicker.PBwiki.com and you can add comments or revisions here or there when you have additional information.


Please berate me loudly if I am overly hyping this product. I'd be happy to hype it, but I would not incline to do that here, where serious discussions take place.

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