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Richard Karpinski



Coaching to handle project management problems. ProjectCoaching


Discovery and repair of user interface problems for pages and products. InterfaceIssues



USPS: 148 Sequoia Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Permanent: 6521 Raymond St., Oakland, CA 94609

email: Dick@CFCL.com or DickKarpinski@gmail.com

phone: (707) 546-6760 cell: (707) 228-9716




Raskin Center for Humane Interfaces

   o Helped review and revise "The Humane Interface" by Jef Raskin.

   o Worked on designing and developing Archy (from RCHI)

   o Worked with a small team on innovative cell phones for Samsung

   o Designed easily learnable zooming user interface frameworks

   o Scanned 8500 slides and negatives from Raskin's entire photo career

   o Absorbed philosophy and techniques from a user interface master


University of California San Francisco

Manager, Minicomputer Services - Unix, VMS, NeXT

   o Supported over 5,000 light-usage campus users on AIX (RISC/6000).

   o Doubled capacity of AIX system by keeping password files in synchrony.

   o Brought low cost interactive computing to UCSF with PWB Unix.

   o Installed the first campus Ethernet backbone.

   o Connected campus computers to BITNET and Internet.

Chief Systems Programmer - access to computing on campus

   o Supported campus programmers using FORTRAN and PL/I.

   o Built the first PILOT Computer Assisted Instruction system.

   o Supported timesharing on IBM 360 mainframe computers.



University of California, Berkeley

Programmer, Department of Physics - solar magnetohydrodynamics

   o Built data reduction tools for I.M.P. satelite research

Systems Programmer, Computer Center

   o Supported student and research programmers using IBM 7094 IBSYS.

   o Wrote the assembler of the "$TUDENT" quick FORTRAN compiler.

   o Enhanced FORTRAN's calling sequence to support traceback analysis

   o Designed the IBM 360 FORTRAN Extended Error Handling facility.



Apple Computer: Revised Inside Mac

Volition Systems: Built back end of a screen-oriented database system

Plessey Systems of Germany: Federal health insurance database system.

International Math. and Stat. Libraries: Reviewed code and standards.

Standard Oil of Calif.: General Ledger master-file update and report.

Burroughs Corporation: Consulted on design of their first PL/I compiler.

Syntex Corporation: Taught "Introduction to PL/I".

UC Extension: "Software Engineering", "Reducing Computer Costs".

IEEE Standards: 1154 PILOT Language, 754 Floating-Point Arithmetic.

ACM Nat. Lecturer: PL/I History, Language Design, Nat. Language Pgming.

SHARE: PL/I Project, Database Project Mgr, Director of SHARE.




Modula-2 News (later MODUS Quarterly): Editor

Sorehand (RSI, CTS, ...) email mailing list: Creator, list owner

Byte Magazine: "Paranoia - A Floating-Point Benchmark"

Unix Review: "Interview with Bob Marsh", "Security Roundtable"

SIGPLAN Notices: "An Unstructured View of Structured Programming"

SHARE Program Library Agency: "Report Writer Facility for PL/I"

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