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Dear Richard, rest in peace. Richard passed away on Jan. 11, 2015. These pages are part of his legacy. Enjoy them.

Further correspondence may be sent to liza loop (one word) at gmail followed by dot and com.

Nitpicker's Notes



My passion is to fix stuff. Right now I'm looking for work; see KarpinskiResume for details.


Talk to me about


     0.  Love of Failure - Why should we learn to appreciate the special role of failure.

  1. JustGo - An easy to learn and use method for navigating through lots of information.
  2. The Humane Interface - Jef Raskin's summary of his book by that name.
  3. VibrantHealth - Covering Everyone and Improving Healthcare while Lowering Cost
  4. VOIP effects - Why Voice Over Internet Protocol matters to everyone.
  5. TheySaid - A cheaper faster way to understand what the journal article authors said.
  6. Capture History - Keep track of what happens and what you do about that.
  7. SmoothFlow - A system to eliminate unnecessary traffic jams.
  8. PBwikiBugs - Problems using this wiki farm.
  9. My own health - Current status, discussions, and health history.
  10. Change Congress - Larry Lessig is out to end corruption in Congress.
  11. Freedom Library - Books that can help free you from problems we all face.
  12. Stop Diabetic Amputations - Magical oxidized water is a super disinfectant.
  13. Cure Cancer Now - Clinical trial needs $3 million funding for 22 patients
  14. Stop the Obesity Epidemic - Gary Taubes researched the real science
  15. Human Limits - Why the super-human artificial intelligences of the future will think better than we do.
  16. Beneficial Taxes - How we can use taxes to improve how our society works.

   17. National Governance - Fixing the root causes of the many problems of governance that we see persisting now.


Open Questions (add yours too)


  • What if a list like this one or the one above gets too long?
  • What is here (content) and what can I see from here (view)?
  • How little is enough to support humane computing?
  • How can it be made easy to add an idea?
  • How to make an object oriented JustGo wiki input mode?


Nitpicker's justification


I am an inveterate nitpicker. I correct the placement of garbage cans in my pod in the mobile home park where I live. I correct grammar and spelling on wikis and on Literotica sexy stories and anywhere else I can. In my own head, I'm always doing it to be helpful and friendly. Nitpicking is a natural way that primates show their respect to one another, literally picking louse eggs out of each other's fur. I do it in a more metaphorical way.



Richard Karpinski, Nitpicker 

148 Sequoia Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Home +1 707-546-6760 Cell +1 707-228-9716








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