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Capture History

Page history last edited by Richard Karpinski 13 years, 7 months ago

http://pm411.org/2008/04/12/quantum-mechanics-buddhism-and-projects/ contains in "Quantum mechanics, Buddhism, and projects" the note, "Thanks to Sven Biedermann and Dick Karpinski for injecting the right ideas."


So I wrote him, "Thanks for the acknowledgment."


I wonder what I said and how it mattered to what you said. It seems too hard for either of us to reconstruct those facts, but someday it may be easy. I can't wait.


The last thing I did in that arena was devise a plan to capture good ideas as I write about them and stick them into my wiki.




It even matters to have a short enough URL to pass conveniently to others. In general there is a way to make such a thing as a gesture of politeness to others. See The+Humane+Interface on my wiki for why that matters.


I'm capturing this message to my wiki next.

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